Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project progress

Tomorrow my group will start to interview students from the class and hopefully be done by Thursday. Then we will edit the video :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Project in process

For the final we decided that we will make a video of us asking other student leaders in the class about their experience in English this year and how they feel about it. With cameron, Nick, and Diego

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Best of American lit

I think those class helped me in so many different ways. Not from the actual curriculum. But how we got there. With open source learning. This class was geared for today's technology and society Instead of 20 years ago. We collaborated, we learned how to create and use a network. And most importantly. We had fun doing it. I made a twitter for the class during the beginning of the year. And it turned out to be one of my most favorite apps. I have almost 2k tweets. Also I liked how we could analyze a book written 50 years ago about "the amazing future" just society back them and tie it into today's culture in a way we could all understand it.it was a really fun year and ill take the things I learned from it and use it for pretty much the rest of my life.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Johnny mnemonic

This story was so confusing. But it fakes place in a future ruled by drugs and prosthetic mutations? Haha Johnny has a data file in his head that other people want so he goes to the "lo tek's" which in a way are a symbol for cyberpunk in a way and gets salvation with them. That's all I understood from this book.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Literary analysis

Temple of the winds,By Terry Goodkind is the fourth book in the sword of truth  series. In Temple of the winds a great plague is released into the world by Emperor Jagang. Richard reads that somewhere long ago there was a temple where a cure was held by magic for the plague but was sealed off and lost forever because there were objects of great power in the temple. Richard and Kahlan search for the lost temple going through old books and legends. As the plague spreads and more people die by the day. A group of people come to Aydindril saying the only way into the temple is through the hall of the betrayer. A great ritual is preformed ontop a mountain. During the ritual Kahlan has to marry Drefan Richards half brother. And Richard has to marry Nadine, a girl from his old home in Westland. After the ritual each new couple has to have sex with their spouse to seal the marriage. But in the dark the couples are swapped so that Richard is once again with Kahlan and Drefan is with Nadine. In the dark room Kahlan doesn't realize that instead of Drefan it is now Richard. As they seal their marriage Kahlan starts to enjoy Herself and when it is all over she tells Richard (who she still believes is Drefan) to not tell Richard about it. Once in the light she realizes that she has actually slept with Richard. Richard is outraged and betrayed at the thought that Kahlan thought she was sleeping with Drefan and enjoying it. Ontop the mountain the hall of the betrayer appears from the clouds and Richard enters and stops the plague but stays in the hall for a couple of days. Outraged that Kahlan betrays him. Finally he leaves the temple of the winds and goes back to Aydindril to find his half brother Drefan trying to kill Kahlan. He kills Drefan and saves Kahlan.


Richard: Richard is a stoic character for the majority of this story till the very end. But it brings in a new aspect of Richard never seen in the other books, pure anger, outraged and betrayed by his love Kahlan.

Kahlan: during this story Kahlan is somewhat bi polar. She is torn between the dismantlement of the old midlands and her right to rule D'Hara with Richard as the mother confessor.

Drefan: Drefan during this book is thought of as a savior being a healer for a great D'Haran sect of healers. Saving people whenever he can from the plage and shedding some light on the temple of the winds. At the end of the book you find out Drefan wanted to take Richards position as the D'Haran ruler and take Kahlan as his own.

Literary analysis

Blood of the Fold. By Terry Goodkind is the third book in the sword of truth series. In this book, Richard decides that the only way to save the midlands from the imperial order is to seize power himself and force all lands to surrender unconditionally to D'Haran rule. Sister verna becomes prelate of the sister of the light after prelate annalina is pronounced dead and buried. Later In the book we find out that Annalina did not actually die and needed a way to escape with the prophet Nathan and help stop the imperial order.
   Tobias Brogan The Lord general of the blood of the fold find and capture Kahlan and Adie and takes them to the palace of the prophets. Richard finds out that they were captured and uses the sliph (an ancient means of very fast magical transportation) to return to the palace. At the palace Richard finds Kahlan and destroys the palace so the emperor Jagang from getting old prophecies from the palace. The sister led by verna leave the old world. Kahlan and Richard return to Aydindril using the sliph to find out that a massive battle wages on in the great city between Richards D'Haran army and the blood of the fold helped by the evil creatures called Mriswith. The D'Harans are pushed all the way back to the keep and are losing ground fast to the invisible Mriswith. Suddenly Gars (massive flying creatures like a bear) come and help Richards army battle the Mriswith. Once the battle is over and Aydindril is secured the book ends.


Richard Rahl: Richard takes his role as the heir to the D'Haran empire and becomes a king with great responsibility.

Kahlan: during Richards takeover Kahlan becomes very angry and distressed because as the mother confessor her job is to keep the midlands united and The only way to save the midlands is to take it over ad part of the D'Haran empire.

Sister Verna: sister verna gets a new layer of responsibility by become the prelate of the sisters of the light and having to figure out what the last prelate has done.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Literary analysis

Okay so this post is from a while ago except that the school server didn't let me post toy blog and I forgot all about it until I went thorough my notes on my iPad so here it it. Literary analysis of the stone of tears by terry goodkind.

Stone of tears

In the stone of tears by terry goodkind, Richard and Kahlan return to the mud people after killing darken rahl. Richard finds out at darken rahl was actually his father. During their stay Richard starts getting extremely bad headaches. One night three women come to them saying that the headaches are a form of magic within Richard, because he has the gift of magic. The three sisters tell him that the headaches will soon kill him unless he goes with them to a far away land and wears a special collar called a Rada'Han which will stop the headaches. Richard refuses the first offer and one of the sisters kills herself. The other sister warns that Richard will only get two more offers and after that he will die. Richard and Kahlan live their lives like nothing has happened even though the headaches continue. Weeks later the two sister return and once again Richard denies and the sister kills herself. Finally on the last visit of the remaining sister, Kahlan forces Richard to take the collar and go with the sister.

After a long journey they make it to a massive city where the sisters of the light are to train young wizards. Richard goes through his training with the sisters and finds that there are followers of the keeper hidden within the sisters of the. Light . Richard with the help of the prelate, Sister Verna and warren. Try to thwart the sisters of the dark. During his training Richard realizes he is the first war wizard to be born In thousands of years and has great power of both subtractive and addictive magic. At the end of the book Richard is released and kills a sister of the dark as the other 6 sisters run away. Richard quickly rushes to Aydidndril to save Kahlan to find out that she was executed publicly by a great wizards. Richard goes to a graveyard and weeps for his lost love. And prays that the good spirits watch over here. Suddenly the spirit of Deanna (the Mord sith who tortured Richard in the first book) takes Richard to a place between worlds and lets him talk to Kahlan. Richard finds out that Kahlan is still alive and that Zed used a massive death spell making everyone believe that the mother confessor was executed.

The theme of this novel would be to never give up and try for what you want. Richard never gave up on his love for Kahlan when he was taken to the palace of the prophets. Which gave him the drive to get away from the sisters of the light and get back to the midlands.


Richard is a very strong very smart man. If his fighting skills can't get him out of a sticky situation, his words and manipulative ways can.

Sister verna starts out as more or less the 'bad guy' in this story but along the journey and the training at the palace Richard and Verna become very close friends.